Company History
In 2002, our founder, KenWong, started Umicca after the success of our main company, Guangzhou Micooson Microfiber Leather Co.,Ltd.  He is convinced that under the leadership of leather development and renewal of our main company, we can produce the most competitive yoga products.
In addition to producing leather related yoga mats such as PU and suede yoga mat, Ken began to research ways to connect with environmentally friendly materials. Our team work together to develop using ZERO adhesives and chemical to bound the environmentally friendly materials such as cork, hemp and natural rubber. Finally, we also succeeded in producing 100% biodegradable eco-yoga products. This is achieved only by heat and steams.Therefore, we can provide production for eco-friendly yoga brands around the world as well.
Through Umicca, Ken is committed to taking a unique perspective on fitness products and striving to be a growing and innovative yoga product manufacturer where you can find diverse and innovative yoga products that suit you. # Strive to Innovate and build a newest fitness Industry. Since launching, Umicca has produced over 1,000,000 yoga mats and accessories and has grown into a manufacturer of yoga products for the bodybuilding industry led by the main leather company. Umicca has also created a diverse, innovative and enthusiastic team culture.
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